White Rose Farm

Caring, Affordable Horse Agistment
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White Rose Farm has been sold and currenty not taking any new Clients until it has set up the new property
White Rose Farm is pleased and proud to welcome John-Mark Payne, his horses and
'John-Mark Payne - Equine Starting and Re-education'
business to share all the facilities and the property. With these two businesses on the same property, this represents a major expansion of the range of services White Rose Farm and John-Mark Payne can offer their clients. It also provides the Ipswich area with a chance to get to know John-Mark and see how good a trainer he is.
John-Mark brings a wide range of training services:
  • Specialising in starting young horses
  • Re-educating older mounts or even just furthering your horse's education
  • Training for Dressage careers
  • Training for Western Riding
  • Lessons for the Rider too
Visit John-Mark's; Website
John-Mark can also be contacted by just giving him a call: 0409 892 997
or just sending him an email at: johnmarkpayne31@yahoo.com.au
Our Goal at
White Rose Farm
To provide a space for people to enjoy themselves with their four legged friends no matter what sort of riding you are into. We will try to assist you and your horse in your every need. Whether it is just riding for fun or show.

At White Rose Farm, horses and owners are welcome and cared for.
  • We offer varying levels of service to suit owners and horses requirements in a friendly fun environment;
  • Provided are large safe paddocks, with shade and clean fresh water as needed;
  • All horses can be viewed from the main farmhouse and supervision is constant;
  • Space is provided for owners to keep their gear and feed on site;
  • Space is also provided to sit and chat with other owners if desired at the barn;
  • Our current owner/riders range from children to adults.
Here at White Rose Farm we  can offer:
  • A 20m round yard
  • 40 x 45m fenced sand arena
  • Equipment available for use include - ground poles, cavelletti's, barrels, witches hats, bending poles, jumps and mounting blocks.
  • We also have grass training areas which can be used for dressage training, poles and grids training, jump training and other general riding training and exercising.
  • 25 acres up the back to ride in or exit the back gate and take advantage of over a 100klms of trails. We can ride to Boonah and back if we want too.
  • All gates required to be ridden through have mounting blocks on either side.
White Rose Farm is located in Purga near Ipswich. We are less than 2klms from the Yamanto Shopping Centre. There are at least 10 pony clubs in our surrounding area, as well as several adult riding clubs.
Check our Links page for further information on these and other local riding facilities.